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Bondibuilda Renovation.

Bondibuilda is just not another builder.

As a boutique building organisation the team at Bondibuilda specialises in structural remodelling and renovation of older buildings and homes. 

Many of our projects we work closely with the client and work with the client to fit in with their requirements as well as the constraints of buildings made in the era of the horse and cart.

Why Choose Bondibuilda? Make it easy and you just come to the one point of contact to get the changes you need.

Bondibuilda has a broad spectrum of skills.

1. Design Management expertise on major projects and ability to deliver outcomes not problems.

2. Extensive range of trades and suppliers.

3. Ability to work with you and where you are at to deliver the project with a steady hand.

This comes with Building in the blood and passion to leave a mark. this carries through with the people who work in the team and are selected because of the commitment.

Through our expertise in structures and commitment to quality we are a one stop shop and provide a full start to end service.

1. Residential and Commercial. Depending on your needs we can work with your designers and your own ideas to deliver great outcomes. 

2.. Renovation of Kitchens and Bathrooms. Usually there is a need for structural modifications too.